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If famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright were alive today, he would probably have a Trump-style Twitter account, according to Wright expert and Master Storyteller Timothy Totten from Florida. "Wright lived on the edges of mainstream sensibilities," says Totten, who has studied the architect for more than 25 years. "Bad press about some of his personal choices taught him to always control the story and be the center of attention. Fortunately, he had both the ego and the talent to do it." Totten peppers his talks with juicy stories of love, adultery, murder and the Emperor of Japan.

The half-day program on Saturday, July 8, in Wright’s 150th Anniversary Year includes “The Genius of Frank Lloyd Wright” by Totten, followed by Kim Bixler from California, author of “Growing Up in a Frank Lloyd Wright House.”. Bixler’s parents purchased the Wright-designed Boynton House in Rochester, New York, in 1977, and she says the daring 1908 home was as unconventional as its architect.  “Cars would slow as they passed our house,” writes Bixler about her childhood living in a masterpiece. “The beauty of the house was indisputable, but repair and restoration projects were underway non-stop at our house.”

This will be capped by a panel discussion “Preserving a Masterpiece for the Future,” featuring Gaines and Sharon Hall, who spearheaded the 2005-08 total restoration project of the B. Harley Bradley House, 701 S. Harrison Ave., and Robert Bohlmann, local architect and Executive Director of Wright In Kankakee, the non-profit that now owns and operates the House for tours and events.

Program is scheduled from 9:00 to 12:30 at the Kankakee Country Club, 2011 Cobb Blvd. A one hour House tour is included in the afternoon or at a future date. A reception 4:30-6:00 at the House gives the opportunity to meet the presenters personally.

This is the first of Wright's Prairie Style design, in 1900, featuring a composition horizontal to the ground, low pitched roof, extended overhanging eaves, and wood trim that highlights special features. Over 100 art glass windows showcase the house, and six stained glass interior skylights have recently been replaced. The Wright’s Hickox House, a private residence, sits next door. River cruises by electric boat are also available from the Bradley House dock.


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Frank Lloyd Wright Storyteller, Author, and Architects
Present July 8 Symposium at Kankakee Country Club

Frank Lloyd Wright Symposium - Saturday - July 8, 2017 - 9:00 am - 12:30 pm